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Downtown Palm Beach Gardens Redevelopment - "Cosmopolitan Heart & Sunshine Soul"

Updated: Aug 6

At our City Council meeting on August 5th, 2021, Downtown Palm Beach Gardens Phase Two was passed. Watch the video about the proposal here:👇

By the numbers:

  • 280-unit Multifamily apartment building & parking garage with:

  • 8 studio, 148 one-bedroom, 117 two-bedroom, & 7 three-bedroom units

  • 432 parking spaces (5% for guests & the intent is for residents to park on the same floor they live on),

  • First floor fitness center facing the Event Lawn and Mixed Use Tower with a café lounge and flexible co-work areas overlooking residential pool area. The east side of the building includes a pool area, courtyard garden, and dog park.

  • 82-foot-tall, 8 story building.

  • 174-room hotel, with first floor restaurants, retail, and lobby access, Second floor Class-A professional office space. Third floor lobby and amenities.

  • Floors four through nine consist of 29 hotel rooms each, for a total of 174 rooms

  • At the south-facing second floor there will be a green roof of colorful grasses, plants and flowers

  • 9-story, 124-foot-tall mixed use building located between the cinema building and the new residential building.

Other Updates:

  • A new East-West drive internal aisle with pedestrian safety measures. Short-term drop-off and pick-up parking spaces.

  • The elevator currently located in the East Tower will be replaced with two new elevators: one by Grimaldi's and one on the north side of the elevated bridge connection by the Cinema.

  • Throughout the site, outdoor seating was reevaluated to account for existing restaurant tenants planning to remain, as well as new restaurants. These new outdoor seating areas and would be increased by approximately 4,600 square feet.

  • Event Lawn and 'Coconut Grove' - renovations provide a larger lawn area for activities and the new updated 'Coconut Grove' creates a natural shelter and refuge area with trees, landscaping, hammocks and lounge seating.

  • Two public dog parks proposed for Downtown. The dog parks would generally be open from dawn to dusk and secured after hours.

  • This redevelopment was considered in order to bring a sense of community to Downtown and fully embrace the "live, work, play" vision of the City of Palm Beach Gardens by revitalizing an area that was on continued decline.

  • The City's Police Department and Fire-Rescue Department have both indicated that they have capacity to serve the proposed project and maintain the adopted Police and Fire/EMS Levels of Service.


  • The residential building will feature low flow plumbing fixtures, energy efficient appliances and fans, SEER 16 or better air conditioning units, non-HCFC refrigerants, and LED lighting throughout the building. The hotel will have low flow plumbing fixtures and LED lighting. In addition, the hotel unit would include low emissivity (Low-E) glass, which limits infrared and ultraviolet light entering the building, thereby reducing the use of air conditioning and electric supply. Further, the roof areas that will be accessible to guests incorporates landscaping throughout, providing for a green roof for those areas wherever feasible.

  • Sustainability begins with the overall concept of the integration of uses, pedestrian connectivity, and inclusion of mobility opportunities to limit vehicular travel. This would provide for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Downtown is located within the City's Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District and is the first project to utilize the concepts contained in the TOD Master Plan.

  • Commitment to providing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout site.

  • The proposed location of a rail transit station is within one half mile of the Downtown Palm Beach Gardens site.

  • The project would provide non-vehicular options onsite, including bicycle racks throughout, and look ahead to provide locations for future bike-share, scooter rental, and trolley/circulator stop locations.

  • "The nature of Mixed Use development provides for increased internal capture of vehicular trips based on the proximity and convenience of residential to commercial- and office-related uses. Therefore, external trips into and out of the site are reduced for the DPBG residents. The Project’s site design and amenities highlight the importance of mobility options and planning that support the City’s vision for multi-modal communities and will further reduce the parking needs and traffic impacts on site. The increased multi-modal transportation and mobility technology reduce the need for on-site parking and support a multi-modal community."

  • The daily trips would decrease, the AM Peak Hour trips decrease by 3,209 trips, and the PM Peak Hour trips decrease by 3,388 trips.

The information and data provided in this blog can be found in the Agenda, City of Palm Beach Gardens website, and ShopCore Properties website. as of September 25, 2022.

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