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Getting around the Gardens

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Aside from smart growth and sustainability, one of the policies I spend time on is increasing access to bike lanes and safe mobility.

Residents often reach out about safe cycling and walking in our Signature City. What makes impactful change difficult is that not every roadway within Palm Beach Gardens is actually under the jurisdiction of our City of Palm Beach Gardens government! Roadways like PGA, Northlake, and Military, are actually not under the jurisdiction of the City of Palm Beach Gardens. That is the bad news, the good news is that our City is proactively working to improve bicycle access on all of our roadways.

We are actively planning and building safe routes in the City and we encourage the roadway owners that intersect with ours, to connect with us into a proper and accessible network.

Scroll down to find out more regarding which roads are ours, as well as what you can do to help!

Looking ahead there are several changes coming to the City roads you travel on every day. These improvements are covered partially by grants.

We are also updating our bicycle and pedestrian facilities on:

  • Burns Road Constructing 9.5' separated two-way bicycle track, with funding from a TPA Transportation Alternatives Grant. Scheduled for construction in 2024. The application was filed in 2020.

  • Kyoto Gardens Drive Constructing North side 5' bike lane and 8' pedestrian pathway with funding from a TPA Transportation Alternatives Grant. Scheduled for construction in 2023. The application was filed in 2021.

  • Fairchild Avenue Sidewalk on south side of Fairchild Avenue and buffered bicycle lanes on north and south side with funding from a TPA Transportation Alternatives Grant. Scheduled for construction in 2025. The application was filed in 2022.

  • Gardens Parkway Sidewalk on South side from Fairchild Gardens to Prosperity Farms Road and new bike lanes on the North and South sides from Alt A1A to Prosperity Farms with funding from a TPA Local Initiatives Grant. The application was filed in 2022, however construction is pending funding from FDOT.

This is NOT a City Road, but I have encouraged bike lane additions here for years and Palm Beach County (the roadway owner) has finally added plans for bike lanes in the future :-)! CLICK HERE and HERE for further information. Their construction is slated for 2027.

CLICK HERE for the Life Cycle of a Project flyer which describes how long a project takes from start to finish. From application to construction - it takes years!

Here is what YOU can do for now:

  • Your Voice matters! Go to: to insert your comments, hopes and suggestions about our transportation system - this really will make a difference!!!

To understand which roads are under the jurisdiction of our City, CLICK HERE for the Transportation Planning Agency's mapping page.

  1. Zoom into Palm Beach Gardens. Click on "Roadway Ownership" where you will see our City roadways in green. These are the City -owned roadways where our local government can directly effectuate change.

  2. Click on "Bicycle Facilities." This link will allow you to plan ahead to see which bicycle facilities are adequate, and specifics about where you could be riding.

Please wear a helmet, ride safely and stay where you feel comfortable while you ride. I promise, I am working very hard on this - it is a huge priority, and I will continue to push for our safety and quality of life.

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