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Getting Around the Gardens & beyond...

Updated: Jul 7

I hope that this page will offer you the information you seek regarding transportation in our region, giving you the opportunity to get around so that you, too, can move and mingle in our community with ease!

This includes 'How To Ride' videos to help you navigate rail, buses, and other modes of transport, details on road projects, as well as the latest updates on regulations concerning e-bikes, e-scooters, traffic, and local projects.

Scroll down to check out exciting news in mobility, the opportunity to share your suggestions on transportation, find helpful links and seamlessly engage in our community!


From March 1 to June 15, Palm Tran chose Transit Champions Move & Mingle who rode to the county’s most popular destinations, letting thousands of people know about transit options. Thank you to Palm Tran and the residents who joined us in the challenge!


Getting Around Palm Beach County on Transportation Modes:


Exciting Happenings in Mobility:


The City of Palm Beach Gardens does not manage Traffic Signals - Palm Beach County's Traffic Division is responsible for the functions of all traffic signal systems in municipalities and unincorporated areas. To report a traffic problem, you can contact the Traffic Division by email or phone: 

Traffic Signal Timing Concerns or Questions:

Damaged or Malfunctioning Traffic Signal


Check out the Palm Beach TPA's Comment Map to share your insights and suggestions about transportation in Palm Beach County.! Where do you think enhancements are necessary? What suggestions would you propose for improvements? In what ways can transportation investments enhance the quality of life in our region?

For any immediate requests, visit Palm Beach County’s Get It Fixed! webpage.


Roadway Projects and Helpful Links


The popularity of e-bikes & e-scooters is on the rise in Palm Beach Gardens!

The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department reminds the public to put safety first when 'Gliding Through Gardens'

Florida Statue FSS 316.2128 specifies that the operator of micromobility devices and motorized scooters have all the rights and duties applicable to the rider of a bicycle under FSS 316.2065 which gives riders the choice to ride on the roadways and sidewalks.

Watch the videos HERE.


Get Involved in the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), the 25-year vision for transportation in Palm Beach County which forecasts where people will live and work, evaluating the existing transportation network, and identifies projects that will serve our needs in the future. Updated every five years, the LRTP provides the TPA with a blueprint to address shifting transportation needs over the next two decades.

  • Public Input Map - Review projects and provide input at your convenience using the TPA's Public Input Map. Project comments will be accepted through July 14, 2024.

  • Transportation Survey - Your voice matters! Share your thoughts on what's important to you regarding transportation today and in the future. 


From FDOT: Florida’s overarching statewide plan guiding our transportation future

You can help build the future of transportation in Florida by taking this short statewide survey: Also, be sure to engage in the Florida Transportation Plan. Each Floridian has various opportunities to get involved in the development of the 2055 Florida Transportation Plan (or FTP) update. The plan will reflect community visioning and goals: 2055 Florida Transportation Plan.



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