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Survey Results: Your Vaccine Story - Part III

Thank you for taking the time to share. Your experiences and stories are sincerely appreciated.

I have listed excerpts, but would be glad to send along all of the comments submitted. If you would like to be sent all of the stories from the anonymous comments (there were 144 respondents), please email me at

Feel free to also email me if you would like to discuss, share further or have any other comments.

Take care, stay healthy and please keep on staying in touch!


  • loss of smell for a few days

  • I felt quite sick, strong body aches, pounding head, no fever, no appetite, lost sense of smell and taste, very tired, slept and stayed in bed for about a week. I did not see a doctor, stayed indoors for two weeks, got tested to be sure the virus was gone before I went outside the home.

  • I felt like I had the flu. body pain, headache, no energy, cough, a couple short breath experiences. weird smell. nausea. no fever

  • 2 days symptoms of fever, headache and body aches

  • Not bad at all like a flu with cough and back ache

  • I was barely sick, stuffy nose for a few days.

  • The only bad thing was the quarantine

  • No problems. No fear. I do hear of so many first hand stories of people dying or severe injury from the vaccines. Feel so bad for the vaccinated.

  • I had Covid with very mild symptoms. Zinc, D3 and C cured me in 24 hours.

  • I will wear a mask out of courtesy of others or if a business requires it. I have no problem with it.

  • They DONT work. If an individual wants to wear a mask, they can.

  • I wear it so I do not spread to those most vulnerable, as I work with vulnerable children who have opted for virtual school due to the Delta rampage through schools.

  • Necessary right now

  • Favor when required. But no unreasonable requirements, please. Agree with masking in schools, recommend reconsideration every three weeks depending on community spread.

  • I've never stopped wearing a mask indoors in public places. My children are not old enough for the vaccine so it's important to continue being cautious and to set a good example. Everyone should be wearing a mask in school as well.

  • BS

  • Should continue to wear one since too many not vaccinated

  • It's a minor inconvenience to me. I find it silly that some people are thinking this is a freedoms issue. It's a public health and safety issue, it's a mask, no big deal.

  • Recommend, but not require.

  • Try to do it as much as I can, but it's particularly difficult during the hot, muggy summer.

  • Should be mandated indoors or outdoor crowded events. At least until this spike in cases is under control.

  • I really don't wear one much anymore unless it's mandated.

  • The science in 17 previous studies is that the masks are ineffective against the influenza virus of which Covid is a member. There is NO study that shows they are effective. Mask requirements are purely political.

  • Back to wearing a mask after contracting it. Have no problem with wearing one.

  • I wear a mask at work and in public for my own safety and anxiety level.

  • Just do it!

  • Approve of indoor mask mandates and criminal trespass law in order to enable private property and business owners to compel mask compliance by calling on police for criminal law enforcement.

  • I support the CDC position and wear mine.

  • Even though fully vaccinated and just received the Moderna booster shot Saturday, I will continue to double mask in public places. It's the right thing to do.

  • Don't like it!

  • I feel VERY strongly in favor of mask-wearing. Fully vaccinated, I realize that I may eventually be an asymptomatic carrier at any moment. If I am inside I wear a mask both for myself and those around me. I can't fathom the mentality of anyone who doesn't realize that.

  • No issues with wearing masks indoors or outside with crowds.

  • I wear a mask whenever I am in an indoor setting regardless of whether it is required. It is clearly uncomfortable but far preferable to falling sick with Covid. The virus has far reaching and still unknown side effects and I have enjoyed fewer cold viruses as a result of frequent use of masks and gloves when I shop for groceries and go to the pharmacy as a result of these protective measures. I have been to restaurants in both outdoor and indoor settings since my vaccination, and enjoy shopping at local boutiques and at the Gardens Mall. My husband and I are at our summer home in Massachusetts where the vaccination rate is high and so far transmission rate is low, but plan to return home to Florida soon(our children and grand children live in Palm Beach Gardens as well and we love it there). All PSA and pop up clinics and out reach programs to continue to promote and disseminate vaccinations should be attempted by local governments particularly in Florida and I think the original approach used by Governor DeSantis to allow local governments to set mask mandates and business restrictions was correct. School Boards need to have the authority to set mask guidelines for staff and school children, not the Governor and the Statehouse, based on their local transmission rates. (I am a registered Republican and think the current anti mask stance is very misguided). Thank you Chelsea for your hard work and frequent updates and for putting people ahead of politics.

  • Not a problem, but tired of it.

  • Let's see, I haven't contracted a cold or any other illnesses since I've started wearing a mask... I'll take that as a win for masks!

  • Everyone in the food industry should be wearing masks that cover their noses. Why wear a mask if your nose is exposed

  • Mask wearing should be mandatory in public spaces regardless of vaccination status.

  • As a general rule, there is little value in wearing masks. It might be of value in susceptible population (elderly, immune compromised, chronic illness, etc.) but this would be a protective measure for the particular individual and not applicable to others or community in general.

  • I wear a mask at a public building because wearing a mask is part of public health should never be political. Public health and politics are two different topics. A mask protects the nose since the virus enters the body, so I am protecting my fellow residents.

  • Discretionary for vaccinated. Mandatory for unvaccinated.

  • I have family members who are medical professionals and work in the local hospitals.

  • My Dr. and CDC

  • Not MSM. First hand knowledge and the suppressed doctors.

  • Dr. Fauci

  • Fox news

  • Traditional news sources, i.e., not the Fox/OAN/crazy people sources.

  • My doctors, New York Times, Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, your newsletter, next-door, HOA communication, my family and friends.

  • CDC, Universities across the USA, Schools of Medicine published literature.

  • I did my own research on the internet.

  • Local news, national news: New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, local school board COVID dashboard, Florida Trend magazine, Becker's Hospital Review, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security email newsletter, word of mouth from trusted friends and colleagues in the healthcare industry.

  • my wife

  • CNN, Jupiter Medial Center, NPR, NY Times

  • NBC TV news stations and affiliates plus Palm Beach Post newspaper

  • CDC, Johns Hopkins, NYT, Palm Beach Post

  • Chelsea's weekly newsletter :) thanks for the local information you give I also get my info from CDC, NPR, and major news networks like NBC

  • Physicians and CDC

  • CDC, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, University of Chicago

  • CDC, internationally-recognized virologist and former Scripps Research Associate Professor Doctor Timothy Tellinghuisen, etc.

  • Government and health officials and reputable media sources (MSM).

  • All sources of media- CDC website- Johnson and Johnson fact sheets - PBC Health Department

  • CDC website. Articles from the John Hopkins website. BBC World News.

  • I receive my information from TV mainstream media, CDC, and newsletters. In addition I read articles from Washington Post, USATODAY, and The Atlantic magazine.

  • Third jab was tougher than the first two, but all over with in less than 48 hrs from the shot.

  • We should all wear masks, get vaccinated and do this for the greater good to stop Covid of any kind...just as was done with polio, diphtheria, measles..etc....we need to wipe Covid out. We were not allowed to go to school when I was young without getting shots....

  • I am beyond exhausted that our country has allowed a pandemic to be handled like a political agenda item. I would ask how many more have to die for people to see the light but, unfortunately, if COVID does not directly impact some individuals, the light will never turn on.

  • Would like more frequent and clear info on where to get tested for COVID-19 and any costs involved in getting tested.

  • It is sad and disappointing that 50% of our population is uneducated about Covid 19, believe conspiracy theories, and not the scientist and the doctors. And they wait until a friend dies before the decide to get vaccinated.

  • Long Covid isn't being addressed. I have it and it has been almost a year. This can happen with a lot of people since transmission is so high. What resources in the area financial or medical (physical/mental) are available to help.

  • I am unsure how long a KN95 mask should be worn. In all my readings I have never read how long a KN95 or for that matter any mask type should be worn The articles that do discuss masks only address the effectiveness of the different mask types.

  • The early handling and rapid dissemination of vaccinations and information was excellent. Their was a good balance between keeping the State open for business vs public health mandates and good public health practices and restrictions. It was also helpful to see the Dashboard of daily case counts broken down by county. The current obsession with putting parents rights ahead of children's rights by allowing them to chose whether their children need masks at school is misguided. Absent a medical or Educational exemption all families should work together and use masks. My grand children attend a private school and they all wear masks all day with no problem. Even the children understand that they want to be healthy.(my 7 year old grand son contracted Covid 19 at summer camp despite masking, but he is doing great).

  • I feel I could have been more seriously ill if I had not taken the Pfizer vaccine. I am glad I took it.

  • My wife and I had COVID-19 in December 2020. Immediately on development of symptoms, we started on Hydroxychloroquine and symptoms resolved in 24 hours. The only lingering symptom was loss of smell. That has resolved, but took several weeks. We took additional Zinc supplement. Our symptoms were never serious and consisted of a low grade fever (less than 100), minimal nasal congestion and mild lethargy. We were both antibody positive and delayed our vaccination until April to allow others in more need to have the opportunity. We will take the booster when it has been 8 months. We always take the regular flu vaccine also.

  • If we did herd immunity, we would have been fine.

  • I strongly believe that in order for Florida, Palm Beach County and Palm Beach Gardens to recover economically, we must make people feel safe as they go about their business and our kids go to school. That means that for some places, proof of vaccinations should be required, as should masks and distancing where providing proof is unfeasible. This is a public health emergency ! We must not let the loud ill informed naysayers and deniers set the standards for public health safety.

  • I was relieved to see that a judge has struck down DeSantis' ban of mask mandates in schools. It is just ridiculous that he has politicized this issue, when what he should be doing is doing everything he possibly can to protect kids and their families. His attitude is appalling and dangerous. The hospitals are completely overwhelmed and he should be doing everything in his power to protect the public. What about the people who don't have COVID who can't get in to a hospital? What would you do if you were having a stroke or a heart attack? It's so much more dangerous and the longer it takes to get treatment, the more likely that you would die. And the reason you would die is because the governor is more concerned with appeasing people and lying to them than he is about keeping people from hurting themselves and others. His attitude is just shameful and I'm embarrassed to live in Florida, the worst state in the country in preventing the spread of COVID.

  • The unvaccinated should be barred from entering restaurants and any entertainment venues. There should be mask mandates. Businesses and schools should be allowed to require vaccines. Health insurance and care should have a raised cost for the unvaccinated.

  • Business owners want to protect their employees and their clients. Since schools began our business has several COVID positive clients. This is impacting our business and we hope our staff continues to stay COVID negative.

  • More Public service announcements are needed to explain the third or booster shot, and reiterate # of deaths in our local community

  • I hope and pray that we have the cure for it and that this pandemic truly ends SOON

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