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Sustainability♻️ & Palm Beach Gardens🌎

Earth Day is every day here in Palm Beach Gardens.

If you grew up here in our Tree City, like I did, or if you recently arrived, you cannot help but notice that we are at 50% of green space protected areas in our City.

Part of why I ran for office in my hometown, was to keep the 'gardens' in Palm Beach Gardens. Our City and staff have embraced incorporating green choices to achieve the goal of a sustainable Palm Beach Gardens, from LED lights, automotive and HVAC technology, solar power, tree coverage, electric vehicles & more.

Just this year, on January 14, our Palm Beach Gardens City Council passed Resolution 14 prohibiting the use of Styrofoam products on City property and at City events. You can read more about some of our sustainability efforts in the latest issue of Signature City magazine.

Much more descriptive and inspiring information about is available on the City website:

Go on a deep dive describing local Sustainability with:

Some highlights - out of many!

  • The City’s new Mobility Plan and Mobility Fee provide the basis to implement multi-modal principles to reduce vehicle trips, encourage use of transit and light rail, and increase pedestrian and bicycle activity throughout the City.

  • Proactive Planning & Zoning projects include a Transit Oriented Design Master Plan (includes design elements how people move around and engage with their environment).

  • Green spaces and planting of trees.

  • Energy efficient artistic bus shelters. Lighting for bus shelters is provided by a small solar panel.

  • Storm Water Mitigation and Maintenance Plan (constructing and maintaining proper drainage systems to prevent flooding and damage to public and private properties).

  • Private developers must meet environmental standards and mandatory green spaces.

  • Electric vehicles for City use and public charging stations.

  • Use of solar panels at Public Safety Training Center.

  • City Green Market supports locally grown foods and small, family businesses.

  • The City’s Comprehensive Plan has numerous goals, objectives, and policies, and the City’s Land Development Code has policies and codes that guide and regulate sustainable development within the City.

For more information, please go to:

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