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What is THAT???

THAT is the new FPL office site. The sustainable building being built off of the I-95 ramp in the Gardens features a solar roofed parking lot with space for emergency vehicles, preservation and relocation of native vegetation and wildlife, and will help with our resilience after a storm.

The Building

  • Focus is on building resiliency, operational efficiency, enhanced storm response and business continuity.

  • 270,00 square feet of office with a 3-story hardened parking area (garage has space for storm riders during a hurricane)

  • Built to withstand Category 5 storm and 500 foot flood

  • For up to 1,000 employees, this PGA campus will not replace Juno Campus.

  • Key items in design - "eminently flexible modular design"

  • 6 story, 101 feet tall (allowed 165)

  • 86-acre site northeast of Interstate 95 and PGA Boulevard.


  • Approved in 2005, FPL purchased the site in 2011

  • Built with approved Design guidelines.

  • From 2016 - 2018 an offsite turn lane on Military Trail was extended for revised road alignment, landscaping updated on Alternate A1A, and 10 acres of upland preserve was enhanced.

  • In 2018 FPL purchased the 4.25 acre outparcel to complete the area.


  • Category 5 storm-hardened building

  • Elevation able to withstand 500 foot flood

  • Redundant electrical power feed

  • Provisions for emergency on-site power, water supply & storage

  • *If you noticed some changes in the trees, the entry (in pink) has no palms or oaks, so the public utility will be able to have an open road in or out. This means that after a storm, large trees will not block the way out of the area - and help can come sooner.

  • *The FIRST FLOOR garage is designated to accommodate FPL utility restoration vehicles due to the 15 foot floor height (which means the trucks that can help after a storm will now be closer).

  • *These initiatives mean that power could be restored more quickly after a storm.

Traffic & Helo-pad:

  • Bus stops will be constructed (paid for by FPL)

  • Traffic engineers planning for a signal to be installed,

  • RCA Blvd shifted in revised road alignment to west to accommodate improved traffic and stacking.

  • Helo-stop approved in 2013.

  • Helo-stop to be 800 feet away from residences (it is 1,322 feet away).

  • The helo-stop is only for staff, flies at high altitudes, avoids residential areas and will not pick up or drop off at night or on weekends.


  • LED lights, low-flow plumbing planned

  • Solar photovoltaic array

  • 38 electric vehicle charging stations

  • Energy consumption reduction plans ahead

  • Preservation of trees, relocation native plants and wildlife

Further information and references:

Jul 11, 2019 City Council Meeting video

Jul 11, 2019 City Council RESOLUTION 45, 2019

June 12, 2020 Palm Beach Post "New FPL office site in Gardens to preserve area’s native habitat"

FPL Homepage

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