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"You can't train too much for a job that can kill you."

Updated: May 6, 2021

The Palm Beach Gardens Public Safety Training Complex, located off Richard Road, was completed in September. The modular tower allows department personnel to perform live fire training, forcible entry, search-and-rescue, rappelling and more. This real-life experience provides unparalleled safety for our Palm Beach Gardens residents.

"We train people past the normal human reaction under stress, which is get out of the way, or jump. Your vision narrows...we train past that - to react under pressure." Chief Training Officer David Silverberg.

  • For more information, watch the video the Fire Department presented at our City Council meeting HERE (12:00 minutes into our meeting)

Other information and FAQ's

  • This level of realty based training serves our citizens even better with hands-on consistent training for our department.

  • Paid for out of the city’s Fire Rescue Department Capital Improvements budget.

  • The department’s new training tower allows our crews to train anytime 7 days a week/24 hours a day with real-life scenarios to develop high-performance results in high-stress situations.

  • The recent recruit class was the largest yet, and also received fitness training every morning before coming to the tower at Cressey Sports.

  • Recruits and members of the entire department will receive consistent training and the City will share the structure with other departments.

  • Between March and December, fire rescue personnel transported more patients with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection than all the of patients suffering heart attacks, strokes, and sepsis combined. There were 11,973 emergency calls for service in 2020, Fires within City limits: 14 brush, 21 vehicle, 11 dumpster/trash, 5 commercial buildings, 3 apartment homes, 21 single family homes. Due to fire there were 3 civilian injuries, zero civilian deaths, zero fire fighter injuries, and zero fire fighter deaths.


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